Inaugural American Clean Power Week kicks off with celebration of the United States of Clean Energy

Press Release

Oct 25 2021

New national poll shows overwhelming support among voters for clean energy and its benefits to environment, jobs and the economy

WASHINGTON DC, October 25, 2021 – The American Clean Power Association today kicked off its inaugural American Clean Power Week, an entire week dedicated to celebrating the ways clean energy is building a better future for the United States.  The theme for the week is the United States of Clean Energy, highlighting clean energy technologies through numerous live and virtual events with public officials, industry leaders and the public across the country.

“American Clean Power Week is a nationwide celebration of clean energy and the good-paying jobs the industry creates for Americans across all 50 states,” said Heather Zichal, ACP CEO. “Today, the clean energy industry, wind, solar, energy storage, and transmission, is powering good-paying American jobs nationwide and is driving critical investment into local communities.”

Land-based wind, offshore wind, solar, transmission and energy storage are all key climate solutions that will help meet our national 100 percent carbon free power goals by 2035 while providing job opportunities to Americans across the country.

The clean energy industry employs 415,000 Americans and has invested more than $334 billion in the U.S. economy since 2005. Industry momentum combined with supportive policies and regulations could deliver over one million clean energy jobs by 2030.

New national survey shows strong support among voters  

ACP kicked off the week with findings in a new national survey commissioned by the Clean Power Institute, conducted by the bipartisan polling team of Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research, which finds strong support for clean energy and recognition of its benefits. Among the key findings:

  • Ninety-three percent of American voters say clean energy is important to the country’s energy future.
  • 80 percent of Americans believe that clean energy is as reliable or more reliable than traditional generation sources.
  • Four in five voters, and a majority across party lines, support providing tax incentives for the expansion of the clean energy industry.
  • 86 percent of voters believe it is important that, “The clean energy industry plays a major role in growing our economy by creating good-paying jobs in a fast-growing industry.”
  • 83 percent of voters believe it is important that, “Transitioning to majority carbon free energy sources like land-based wind, offshore wind, and solar will help drive the clean energy economy forward while also benefiting our environment.”
  • In addition, 89 percent of Americans favor upgrading the transmission and power grid to enable the expansion of clean energy to more communities.

Additional results and methodology from the survey commissioned by the Clean Power Institute can be viewed here:

Clean power projects generate renewable energy in all 50 states with more on the way as our nation drives toward its decarbonization goals.

There are over 180,000 MW of clean power capacity operating in the U.S. more than double the capacity five years ago with more on the way. That is enough to power over 52 million homes.

Highlights for American Clean Power Week

Monday, October 25: Land-based wind power: Wind is the nation’s number one source of renewable electricity generation. Land-based wind power creates American jobs, drives innovation, and strengthens our economy. Wind power is also a key climate solution that can help meet our nation’s 100 percent carbon-free power goal by 2035.


Tuesday, October 26: Solar Power: Solar power is a key climate solution that can help meet our nation’s 100 percent carbon-free power goal by 2035. Solar power is one of the most affordable sources of new electricity across the nation. Solar costs have fallen over 90% over the last decade.


Wednesday, October 27: Energy storage + hybrid power: Energy storage is a game-changer for American clean energy. It allows us to store energy for use at another time, increasing reliability, controlling costs for consumers, and helping build a more resilient grid. Energy storage is flexible and can be paired with any clean energy technology.

Thursday, October 28: Transmission infrastructure: Modernizing our nation’s aging energy transmission infrastructure is essential. Investing in and building new transmission makes the entire energy system more reliable, affordable, and resilient, and ensures that Americans have continued access to the energy they need.

Friday, October 29: Offshore wind: Growing offshore wind in the United States will create a brand-new American supply chain, tens of thousands of jobs, revitalize port communities, and stimulate investment into local economies across the country.


A full map of all American Clean Power Week events around the country can be found here.

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