Offshore Wind Public Participation Guide

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Offshore wind power is an exciting new frontier for American energy production, where technological advances, business opportunity, and policy are converging to unlock a reliable natural resource. Offshore wind will bring tens of thousands of highly-skilled U.S. jobs, strengthen coastal economies, and deliver vast amounts of reliable, clean energy to America’s largest population centers.

Interested parties, including members of the general public, industries, all levels of government, non-governmental organizations, and educational institutions, have numerous opportunities to provide feedback throughout the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s (“BOEM”) regulatory process. Public participation from other ocean users, including the fishing industry and coastal communities, is essential to help the United States fully realize the benefits of offshore wind power.

This guide is meant to draw attention to the opportunities for public comment in BOEM’s regulatory process for commercial offshore wind development to ensure an American offshore wind industry that works for coastal communities, traditional ocean industries, and U.S. national security interests.

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