Offshore Wind and Maritime Crewing

Fact sheets

Background: Offshore wind projects require the use of more than 25 different types of vessels to construct, maintain, and operate wind farms at sea. While most of these vessels and crews will be American, there are some specialized activities which will utilize international vessels. In an effort to bolster national security, proposed maritime crewing mandates would require crews’ citizenship on these international vessels to match the flag of the vessel or be American. However, the proposal would still permit all-Russian crews to displace American workers.

ACP urges Congress to oppose controversial Maritime Crewing mandates.

Key Takeaways

  • Maritime Crewing Mandates Would Halt Offshore Wind Development and Jeopardize American Jobs
  • The Majority of Offshore Wind Vessels Will Be American Built, Owned and Crewed
  • Congress Should Not Block the Use of a Few, Globally Limited Vessels
  • De-Risking Investments in U.S. Installation Vessels Would Create More American Jobs
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