Claims vs. Facts: Microplastics and BPA in Wind Turbine Blades

Fact sheets

ACP Factsheet on Microplastics and BPA in Wind Turbine Blades.

Wind turbine blade coating is not toxic and does not account for large – or any – emissions of BPA or microplastics.

Claims have been made that wind turbine blades shed dangerous amounts of microplastics and BPA – but nothing could be further from the truth.

  • CLAIM: Wind turbine blades are emitting large amounts of bisphenol A (BPA) and microplastics into their surrounding environments.
  • FACT: Wind turbine blades contain only microscopic traces of residual BPA and therefore do not account for large, or any, emissions of BPA or microplastics to the environment.
  • CLAIM: Erosion caused by rain releases BPA and microplastics from wind turbine blades into the environment.
  • FACT: Wind turbine blades’ protective coatings are non-toxic and contain negligible amounts of BPA, and the blades are specifically designed to have high resistance to weathering.

Read ACP’s Fact Sheet to learn more in detail.

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