Technical Trainer

Technical Instructor


Educate employees about solar energy in various technical topic areas related to processes, equipment, environment, resources, etc. Facilitate classroom training and on the job coaching for businesses, colleges or learning providers. Continue to develop knowledge regarding changes and industry updates, and update training to reflect this. Use field experience to provide real-life scenarios and discussion. Develop training programs, guides, assignments and skill assessments/evaluations. Instruct training and conduct demonstrations on equipment. Supervise trainees in the safe use of equipment and walk-through of procedures. Assess skills, evaluate performance and monitor trainee progress. If applicable, develop relationships with other businesses to provide training experiences for students.

Position Requirements


Training & Communicating on technical topics, Developing training curriculum, Writing procedures and instructions, Creating successful learning environments, Developing variety of methods of teaching topics so students can learn in ways that work for them, Developing and using JPM's (job performance measures), Evaluating / assessing skills.


Bachelor's degree preferred, but may not be required.


Minimum 2 years in the topic area in which Trainer will be providing training

Career Path

Position Reports To

Requirements for licensing and certification vary by state.

Career path moves from this role

Training Manager, Operations Manager

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