Blade Repair Services Technician

Wind Blade Repair Technician

Offshore Wind

NOTE: In some companies, this role is part of the Wind Technician role. Maintain and repair composite blades and various turbine models. Report to, assist and support supervisors in coordination and execution of maintenance & repair activity of wind turbine blades, nacelles, composite components. Climb wind towers and access wind turbines to perform composites repair & maintenance tasks. Assist in transportation, setup and the operation of up-tower blade access mechanism. Support a team in performing rope, platform, and ground access composite repairs on multiple turbine manufactures. Assist in mobilization of all repair equipment to site. Assist in major component replacement, which will primarily focus on blades. Assure proper storage, maintenance and handling of all blade repair service equipment.

Position Requirements


Equipment and repair of turbine blades of multiple manufactures (i.e. Siemens, GE, Vestas, Mitsubishi). Crane and rigging work. Composite materials and tools used during repairs. Techniques, skills and tools needed to repair the different type of damages in wind turbine blades. Repairs on the first layer of glass, core, & inner laminate.


High School diploma or GED & experience .


Minimum 1 year experience in operation & maintenance of electromechanical apparatus, composite systems, or aerospace / marine composites manufacturing & engineering.<br /> Demonstrated experience in blade damage assessment and repair required

Credentialing Required/Optional

GWO (Global Wind Organisation) certified. WINDA (Wind Industry Training Records Database) registered. American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA): Certified Composites Technician (CCT), CCT - Advanced Composites (CCT - AC), and CCT - Wind Blade Repair; Commercial Driver's License (CDL) if transporting wind blades/components.

Career Path

Position Reports To

Blade Repair Supervisor, Wind Technician Supervisor

Career path moves from this role

Wind Technician advanced role, Lead, Supervisor

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