Analyst / Researcher


Work across Solar project phases including development, permitting, construction, and operational. Support or lead conceptual design studies, Solar constraint analyses, site suitability, Solar permitting and technical studies, O&M analysis, constructability analyses, cost studies, decommissioning studies, and market and supply chain assessment. Maximize revenue and efficiency for Solar customers by identifying and initiating organizational responses for conditions, opportunities, and issues related to safety, production, and performance. Collect production data and perform energy analyses. Use technical knowledge of Solar systems. Support and serve the production team, field technical operations and asset management to address all Solar related production issues. Assist in the technical evaluation of proposals. Build and manage dashboards with performance and operations data. Assist in the development of forecasts and pro-forma analyses.

Position Requirements


Knowledge of field applications is needed to translate the data to usable results and procedures for development and operations teams. Database structures, engineering calculations. Analyzing equipment performance and identifying performance issues using software tools. Performing calculations and collecting and analyzing data.


Bachelor's degree in engineering or technical discipline; Masters degree preferred.


3+ years in asset management and/or field operations. 1 year experience in Solar desirable. Data analytics and statistics, building models. Experience working with large data sets, conducting root cause analyses, and visualizing data in a variety of formats for identifying trends and outliers.

Career Path

Career path moves from this role

Project Manager Solar, Operations Director, Construction Manager; Solar Optimization Engineer

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