American Clean Power statement on White House electric utility CEO roundtable

Press Release

Feb 9 2022

WASHINGTON DC, February 9 – American Clean Power Association (ACP) CEO Heather Zichal issued the following statement following the White House roundtable with CEOs of electric utilities to discuss the President’s Build Back Better agenda:

“ACP applauds the administration today for meeting with the CEOs of leading utility providers – the backbone of American’s energy infrastructure and vital players in the President’s clean energy and climate agenda.

Today’s roundtable is another important step in highlighting the critical clean energy provisions in the Build Back Better agenda. These provisions would be the biggest investment in combatting climate change in U.S. history, ensuring lower energy costs for working families, thousands of domestic jobs and reduced pollution.

We stand behind the efforts of these leaders to advance and raise awareness for legislation that a majority of Americans support. Further delay on the clean energy and climate provisions in this legislation would hurt the economy, the job market, and make it increasingly difficult to meet our country’s emission goals. Recent analysis from ACP shows that each month of delay in enacting the Build Back Better Act puts $2 billion of clean energy infrastructure at risk.

We are proud that the leaders gathered at the White House today understand the importance of long-term investment into a clean, reliable and resilient energy grid. The message that clean energy is reliable and resilient is one that resonates strongly, particularly against the current backdrop of energy security issues across the world.

Meeting our country’s goal of 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035 will require doubling the size of the electricity grid and tripling the amount of clean energy carried by it. ACP joins these leaders and the administration in urging Congress to pass the Build Back Better climate provisions and deliver a clean energy future for America.”

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