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ACP has partnered with sustainable finance technology company Crux so that interested members can access discounted transaction fees on the Crux platform.

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Most people are familiar with the Inflation Reduction Act, which passed Congress in 2022 and marks the largest action by any government in history to combat climate change. What many […]


ACP Members Receive Tax Credit Resources & Discounted Transaction Fees

The new transferable tax equity market created by the IRA allows, for the first time, clean energy developers and manufacturers to sell their tax credits to third parties for cash. This creates a powerful market mechanism to expand access to capital for clean energy infrastructure, innovative technologies, and advanced manufacturing.

ACP members receive discounted transaction fees on Crux’s platform through this partnership, plus access to exclusive insights on the growing market, including:

Read the announcement, or a one page overview of the ACP & Crux partnership.

Plus attendees who list credits on Crux before July 9 receive a significant 20% discount on transaction fees.

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What to expect in your first transaction with Crux

More About Crux

Crux is a sustainable finance technology company changing the way clean energy and decarbonization projects are financed in the U.S. The company’s first offering is the ecosystem for buyers, sellers, and intermediaries to transact and manage transferable tax credits. Crux is co-founded by Alfred Johnson and Allen Kramer, who previously founded and exited a successful marketplace software company, Mobilize. Rob Parker serves as Chief Commercial Officer and brings 20+ years of experience in the power industry, most recently serving as CFO at REV Renewables. Since its launch in 2023, Crux has raised over $27 million in funding from venture capital and strategic investors and built a world-class team that merges expertise from energy, finance, government, and technology to power the clean energy transition. For more information, visit

Susan Nickey

Board Chair, ACP and Chief Client Officer, HASI

Capitalizing on the tremendous growth opportunity for our clean energy sector and maximizing the tax incentives provided by the IRA requires expanding the tax equity investor base. Partnering with Crux provides the industry with critical tools, data, and pricing transparency to build a robust and efficient market for tax credit transfer transactions. I am thrilled to see ACP members gain access to key resources to help accelerate the deployment of clean energy solutions.

Headshot of Susan Nickey, Board Chair-Elect.

ACP does not participate in the brokering, sale or marketing of tax credits.  All information regarding the tax credits and Crux’s program is available through Crux and on Crux’s website, which is an external site not maintained by ACP; to learn more, please refer to Crux’s website and materials.  ACP has not vetted or performed any review of the underlying tax credits being sold or being offered for sale on the Crux marketplace, or of any of the representations or information Crux provides on its website or marketplace. ACP may receive compensation from Crux if referred parties enter into a tax credit transaction on the Crux marketplace.

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