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Measuring the skills needed for effective work as a clean energy technician 

Micro Credentials represent concise, logical skills that – when combined – form the larger skillsets necessary to successfully work in certain jobs on clean energy sites. An individual can be tested against these skills to demonstrate mastery of the skill and, in so doing, get on a path to a promotion. 

How can I use Micro Credentials? 

Employers can use the Micro Credentials to test and track training effectiveness, technician progression, and fit for various tasks and projects. This can help ensure work is performed safely and competently. The addition of more and targeted Micro Credentials can also be used to reward additional capabilities and skillsets.  

Technicians can use the Micro Credentials to demonstrate their competence in particular skills. Using these credentials as reference, the capabilities and the breadth of technician skills can be measured and quantified, which can support career progression. 

Explore ACP’s Micro Credentials:

The ACP Micro Credentials are designed to aid the employer to comply with 29 CFR 1910.269(a)(2)(viii) and 29 CFR 1910.9 (b). These two standards require both training and demonstrated proficiency in the work practices they are expected to perform.   

ACP’s Training and Education Working Group has prepared this series of micro credentials. If you have questions about this ACP program, or recommendations for additional micro credentials, please reach out via workforcedev@cleanpower.org. 

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