Clean Energy Investing in America

Fact sheets

In the twelve months previous to July 31, 2023, U.S. utility-scale clean energy saw unprecedented announcements: $270+ billion in investment, 83 new manufacturing facilities, and nearly 30,000 jobs. Read the full report here.

Key takeaways from this fact sheet:

  • Rapid investment surge: Clean energy investments hit $271 billion in announcements in twelve months, equivalent to eight years’ worth of American clean energy investment, surpassing the total investment in U.S. clean power projects commissioned between 2015–2022.
  • Manufacturing growth and job creation: 83 new utility-scale clean energy manufacturing facilities were announced, which will create over 30,000 jobs, transforming U.S. manufacturing.
  • Policy support critical for continued progress: To realize the potential from these announcements, ACP urges further reform to permitting to unlock the clean energy and transmission necessary to support a projected 1 million jobs in the sector by 2030.
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