ANSI/ACP OCRP-1-2022 ACP Offshore Compliance Recommended Practices (OCRP) Edition 2

A graphic with the words "Industry Standards" in bold text hovering in the sky and in the background you can see solar panels, a wind turbine, an energy storage facility, and a transmission tower

This document applies to offshore wind farm assets that extract kinetic energy from wind, transmit electricity to shore-based grids, and/or store energy using facilities or devices located offshore or on land. The scope includes wind farm assets that may potentially be installed in state and federal waters in the contiguous U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii, including inland bodies of water such as the Great Lakes. The scope includes wind farm assets installed in salt or fresh water with a rotor swept area greater than 200 m2. The scope includes the design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operation and service, decommissioning, and re-powering within the project life-cycle cycle of a wind farm. The equipment covered in the scope shall include rotor-nacelle assemblies, towers, substructures, foundations, offshore substations, inter-array and export cables (by reference to ACP OCRP-5 Recommended Practices for Submarine Cables), measurement and monitoring equipment, and any other permanently installed auxiliary platforms or equipment. The Download button above will direct you to the American National Standards Institute webstore where you will be able to complete your purchase. Disclaimer: This document is proprietary and its use is subject to a legally binding license agreement and disclaimer (the “Agreement”) which can be found online here, as it may be updated from time to time.

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