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American clean power relies on a highly skilled workforce to manufacture clean energy technologies, design and build clean energy projects, and operate and maintain them. The diverse American clean energy workforce includes veterans, those transitioning from legacy fuels, and union workers.

The clean energy workforce offers more than just jobs—it offers careers.

The clean energy workforce can power a stronger economic recovery. Wind and solar already directly employ 300,000+ Americans, and are responsible for two of the country’s three fastest-growing jobs.

Let’s help the clean energy workforce develop the skills to get the job done.

The U.S. clean energy industry is made up of manufacturers, construction workers, project owners, developers, engineers, educators, and businesspeople. As our nation’s use of clean energy continues to grow, ensuring the development and retention of qualified workers is crucial.

These are well-paying jobs. For example, according to a 2020 report from E2, wind energy jobs pay 36% higher wages than the national median. Clean energy jobs are also more likely to come with health care and retirement benefits than jobs across the private sector and are more unionized than the rest of the U.S. private sector (9% to 6%).

ACP strives to facilitate investments in the clean energy workforce, including:

  • Investing in programs to cultivate skills specific to the clean energy industry.
  • Establishing programs to administer proper industry training.
  • Developing continuing education opportunities for industry workers.
  • Implementing clean energy education in classrooms for students of all ages.

ACP is committed to the development of clean energy workers across all levels of the industry’s workforce. Workforce development also includes placing clean energy industry professionals in the right jobs and connecting clean energy companies with employees that are in line with their needs. This investment in the workforce is integral to the sustained growth and continued success of the American clean energy industry.

The U.S. clean energy sector is also working to implement  genuine programs and initiatives that increase our hiring, retaining, and service of communities and people of color, while also partnering with and more actively supporting unions and union labor.

We’re working to do this in a way that balances the ability to cost-effectively deliver more clean power to American families and businesses.

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