American Clean Power Association Statement on American Jobs Plan

Press Release

Mar 31 2021

WASHINGTON DC, March 31, 2021 – The American Clean Power Association (ACP) today issued the following statement on the American Jobs Plan.

“Simply put, this is a plan to put steel in the ground to build a clean infrastructure system that will be the envy of the world. We can’t afford to miss this moment. We’re staring in the face of a once in a generation opportunity for jobs and energy transformation. We can’t solve this challenge by aiming small. Piecemeal approaches have failed in the past. It’s going to take bold strokes to move our country’s crumbling infrastructure into modernity. This infrastructure plan is a steroid shot to rebuild our economy and get serious about climate change, and they’re intertwined. The energy provisions provide certainty and predictability for America’s cleanest technologies and the hundreds of thousands of workers who depend on those jobs and the jobs to come. To build a stronger, cleaner, modern economy, and put Americans to work in manufacturing, building, and innovation, we need to get this across the finish line.” – Heather Zichal, ACP CEO

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