2018: Stop the Shock

Safety Campaign

This safety campaign focuses on electrical safety and providing safe work environments by reducing exposure to major electrical hazards during the construction and operation of wind farms.

Free Download

Download the PowerPoint slides for ACP’s training module on choosing the right PPE for electrical safety

Free Download


Here are a few ways you can utilize the below materials and support the safety campaign:

  • View the webinar recording with your team.
  • Download the materials and share on your company intranet.
  • Use the materials in your training and safety meetings.
  • Order the poster and the sticker and share with your team.

PowerPoint Presentation: Choose the Right PPE

This training module provides details on choosing the right PPE. Utilize this during your safety briefings. Click here to download the presentation.

Electrical Safety Campaign Webinar


This webinar will provide an overview of the campaign materials, safety basics, and how to utilize the materials. On this webinar you will learn about electrical hazards, the right PPE to use, working on different wind turbines, being qualified to do electrical work, and understanding the difference between electrical shock, arc flash, and arc blast. We will also provide an overview of campaign materials and ways you can be involved during the campaign.

10 Questions for Electrical Safety

Poster and Handout

Available as a handout and poster, this resource provides the key questions to ask to help recognize the hazards associated with the use of electrical energy. Click here to download the poster and click here to download the handout.

Printed posters are available. Email safety@awea.org with your address and the quantity, shipping is free.

Download a print-ready PDF of the “10 Questions for Electrical Safety” poster.

Download a print-ready PDF of the “10 Questions for Electrical Safety” handout.

Handout: 2018 NFPA 70E: Understanding the Top Changes

This handout outlines the top changes to the 2018 NFPA 70E as they apply to the Wind Industry. Click here to download the handout.

Download a print-ready PDF of the “NFPA 70E” handout.

Get your Stop the Shock Stickers


Show your support with the Stop the Shock sticker. Stickers are available for you and your team, email  safety@cleanpower.org with your address and the quantity, shipping is free.

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Contact us at  safety@cleanpower.org

A special thank you to the members of our Safety Campaign Working Group for designing and contributing to this campaign.

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