ACP Safety Alert Reporting

ACP has a renewed focus on preventing serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) in the clean energy industry.

As one method to support this aim, ACP is launching a formalized Safety Incident Alert Clearinghouse to share ongoing learnings across the entire industry. This clearinghouse will aggregate anonymous examples of SIFs and near-misses so that the entire industry can quickly address underlying risks that could lead to harm for workers in the industry.

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Your information will not be shared publicly, but may be used for ACP staff to contact you in the case we need additional information and to share our final report for your review before publishing to members.

Safety Alert - Incident Overview (copy)

What was being done when the incident occurred? For example: tower climbing, driving, electrical work, construction of facility elements etc.
What was the potential “SIF” (serious incident or fatality)?
Summary of what happened and why via a few bullet points.
List of recommended mitigation measures that should be considered immediately.
List of recommended mitigation measures that should be considered over the longer term.
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