Kisha James

Deputy Director, Industry Education & Training

Kisha joined AWEA, now ACP, in 2009. She has served in a few roles beginning as Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Conferences & Education and then was promoted to Business Development Manager. After internal reorganization she moved into the area of education program development where she now serves as Deputy Director of Industry Education & Training. In this role Kisha started the webinars program in 2015 to expand the organization’s educational outreach through online program content.  She also works with subject matter experts and renewable energy industry members to develop program content on a range of subjects, with focus on project finance, resource assessment and project siting and environmental compliance.  Additionally, she works on program development for the Annual ACP Conference providing traditional educational opportunities as well as the Learning on the Road experiences which allow attendees to have hands on field experiences such as tours of renewable energy projects, supply chain facilities, and trading floors. She is also a proud graduate of Howard University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.