Headshot of Erika Kowall, ACP's Director of Midwestern State Affairs.

Erika Kowall

Director, Midwestern State Affairs

Erika is the Director of Midwest State Affairs. She is responsible for the communication of ACP’s policy initiatives between members, industry stakeholders, and elected officials within her region. Erika was born and raised in Metro Detroit and graduated from Lyman Briggs Residential Science College at Michigan State University where she studied Cellular and Developmental Biology. Erika has had a multifaceted career path exploring science, politics, sales and entrepreneurship. After college, she worked as an Industrial Hygiene Chemist for Bureau Veritas, utilizing her education. She then felt the need to connect more deeply with her community, pivoting to the genesis of her political career, where she was the Director of Constituent Relations at the Michigan House of Representatives.

Erika’s drive for adventure led her to Chicago five years ago. Throughout her time in Chicago, Erika worked as director of sales at Pinnacle Electric and manager of sales at SunRun Solar, which eventually led her on an entrepreneurial journey. Erika became the co-founder and COO of Ehbed Energy, a commercial solar energy consulting firm where she was responsible for operational strategy and effectiveness, company culture and diversity. Over the course of the pandemic, demand for this product decreased, giving Erika the opportunity to explore other sectors. She found herself back in the political sphere as the director of community outreach at the Illinois State Senate. Erika has always been drawn to her scientific roots, as it elicits her innate love for discovery and curiosity.

Erika is currently the vice president of advocacy at the Junior League of Chicago where she leads the organization’s policy agenda and legislative communications while promoting the Junior League’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through a community insight lens. In her free time, Erika loves to bake, cook, travel and expand her wine palate.

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