Wind Energy Saves Consumers Money during the Polar Vortex


Wind energy protected Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes consumers from extreme price spikes during the Polar Vortex event in early January 2014, saving consumers over $1 billion on their electric bills. There and in other regions, wind energy provided large quantities of critical electricity supply when it was needed most.

This report details how wind energy improves electric reliability and protects consumers from energy price spikes, particularly when the electric grid is stressed, explaining key consumer benefits of wind energy:

  1. Wind reduces the cost of producing electricity
  2. Wind energy protects consumers by reducing the impact of electricity price spikes
  3. Wind energy reduces pollution
  4. Wind energy hedges against fuel price volatility
  5. Fixed-price wind energy becomes an even better deal as other fuels increase in price over time
  6. Wind reduces consumer natural gas prices