AFWA-ACP Communication Framework for Wind Energy

Standards & Practices

This image is the cover for AFWA-ACP's Communications Framework for wind energy project proponents and state fish and wildlife agencies.

ACP and the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA), the national organization representing fish and wildlife agencies in state governments, came together to develop a Communication Framework for Wind Energy Project Proponents and State Fish and Wildlife Agencies. The effort arose from a mutual desire to improve understanding and communication between industry and state agencies.

The document serves as a guide for early and iterative communication between project proponents (or their representatives) and state fish and wildlife agencies (SFWAs) and helps establish expectations for the frequency of engagement and the suggested communication triggers. The framework does not provide a set of rigid steps or instructions, as there is significant variability across SFWAs and project proponents. Instead, it establishes a set of objectives and milestones that can be adapted to guide unique state or project communications.

Download the framework here.

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