Electrical / Electronic Line Installer & Repairer

Journeyman Lineman - powerhouse, substation, relay (including lines & towers)


Line installers and repairers install or repair electrical power systems, specifically working with power lines and towers on powerhouse, substation or relay. Install, maintain, or repair the power lines that move electricity. Identify defective devices, voltage regulators, transformers, and switches. Inspect and test power lines and auxiliary equipment. String power lines between poles, towers, and buildings. Climb poles and transmission towers and use truck-mounted buckets to get to equipment. Line workers face hazards on the job, including high-voltage electricity, and working at great heights. The work also can be physically demanding. Although most work full time during regular business hours, some work irregular hours on evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays when needed. Journeyman Linemen may supervise Apprentice Linemen.

Position Requirements


Long-term on the job training. Repair or replace complex electrical lines and equipment. Electrical systems and the appropriate tools needed to fix and maintain them. Troubleshooting skills - must diagnose problems in increasingly complex electrical systems. Able to lift heavy tools, cables, and equipment on a regular basis.


HS Diploma; algebra and trigonometry. Technical knowledge of electricity or electronics from military service, vocational programs, or community colleges can also be helpful. Electrical trade school community college courses, or 2 year degree in electrical / electronics can be helpful.


None or Apprenticeship as Lineman before or just after job hire.

Credentialing Required/Optional

May require "Journeyman Lineman" credential.

Career Path

Position Reports To

Electrical Engineer Powerhouse, Substation or Relay (Transmission Line Engineer)

Career path moves from this role

Electrical Engineer Powerhouse, Substation or Relay (Transmission Line Engineer)

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