FAQ: ACP Safety Data Collection Efforts

What time period are you requesting information for?

The 2021 calendar year.

How should I submit my data?

Through either of these paths – selecting whichever is easier for you and your company:

Do you need my full OSHA 300 Log or just the 300A Summary?

At a minimum we are requesting the 300A summary form. However, we invite companies to be overly inclusive and if easier, please provide the full OSHA 300 log for the 2021 calendar year and our team will parse through the information.

I do not have the OSHA 300A log information for my subcontractors – is that okay?

That is totally fine. We would encourage you to invite your subcontractors to share their 300A summary form as well so long as they are primarily in the renewable energy business (and are not including other activities for other industries). That said, we are asking companies to provide subcontractor information on the deeper incident-level data for recordable events.

My company operates across multiple functions (manufacturing, construction, O&M) – how should I be providing recordable incident data?

For each OSHA recordable activity, with a premium on fatalities and serious life changing events, please categorize each by both: (1) technology (onshore wind, offshore wind, solar, or storage) as well as by: (2) the role your company or subcontractor was playing at time of the incident (manufacturing, construction, O&M, project developer/owner, etc.)

I don’t have all of the information from my contractors about recordable incidents – what do I do?

ACP encourages companies to submit incident data around recordables even if some information is missing or incomplete. Some information is better than no information, particularly to get an accurate understanding of the breadth of recordable incidents across the sector.

This is sensitive information – how will it be protected?

ACP will treat these submissions with the highest degree of security and protection. Only a limited number of staff will have access to the information and all data will be aggregated in a secure platform. Data will only ever be presented in the aggregate without any identifying data about individual companies, employees, or incidents.

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