American Clean Power Week 2023

This year, the clean energy industry is #ReadytoBuild. There’s no time to waste.

Join us April 17-21, 2023 as we celebrate American Clean Power Week (ACPW), an entire week of advocacy dedicated to supporting the ways clean energy is building a better future for the U.S. 

The clean energy industry is #ReadytoBuild

However, it can take up to 10 years just to permit a clean energy project in the U.S. That's twice the time it took to build the Hoover Dam.

Congress must take action on permitting reform.

With clean energy’s potential to create hundreds of thousands of new good-paying jobs, rebuild American manufacturing, and dramatically reduce emissions, there’s no time to waste.

This American Clean Power Week, the clean energy industry is united around addressing the permitting process, which is serving as a bottleneck to unlocking clean energy potential spurred by recent federal legislation. Today, the average timeline to get an energy project reviewed is 4.5 years. For transmission projects, the average is 6.5 years. Some projects can take up to a decade. 

There’s no time to waste. Let Congress know – we’re #ReadytoBuild.

ACPW takes place from April 17 – 21, 2023. ACP Members can supercharge their advocacy during ACPW by attending Clean Power on the Hill on April 18-19.

Day of Action | Thurs, April 20

On Thurs, April 20, you are encouraged to participate in our Day of Action and call upon your elected officials to take action on permitting reform.

Use the link below to submit an email or a phone call to your elected official to let them know we’re #ReadytoBuild.

Download the ACPW Supporter's Guide

Whether you’re coming to D.C. or not, we can all get behind being #ReadytoBuild. Let’s speak with one voice in a campaign that supports our policy asks on permitting reform and a clear, simple call to action.

Key #ACPW23 activities include:

  • A unified member social media campaign.
  • ACP member press events for earned media and local member activations like
    roundtables and press briefings.
  • A virtual employee Day of Action to drive engagement and
#ReadyToBuild American Clean Power Week Promo.

Social Press Kit

Use our Social Press Kit to easily post to your digital platforms letting everyone know we’re #ReadytoBuild.

Permitting Reform Advertisement with Empire State Building, #ReadyToBuild.

Why Permitting Reform?

According to a new ACP report, the utility-scale clean energy industry has announced an unprecedented $150 billion in investment into U.S. projects and manufacturing facilities and nearly 100GW of planned clean energy projects since federal clean energy incentives were passed in August.

But outdated permitting processes will put at risk up to $100 billion of investment and an estimated 100GW of clean energy projects if not addressed.

That’s why permitting reform is the unified message from the clean energy industry this American Clean Power Week.

Learn more about the announced investments, manufacturing facilities, jobs, and savings spurred by new clean energy incentives in ACP’s new report, Clean Energy Investing in America.

Map of US with New Manufacturing Facilities since August 2022.
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