Celebrate American Clean Power Week 2022

The biggest week in American clean energy history just got bigger. Join us August 15-19, 2022 as we celebrate American Clean Power Week (ACPW), an entire week dedicated to showcasing the ways clean energy is building a better future for the U.S. 

We're building the clean energy economy.

As we undertake one of the greatest American energy transformations, the facts are clear: clean energy creates jobs, generates revenue, and uplifts communities.

During a time of historic legislative action that is expected to turbocharge domestic clean power, ACP is kicking off American Clean Power Week (ACPW).

ACPW is the nationwide celebration of clean energy and the good-paying jobs the industry creates for Americans across all 50 states. Its purpose is to showcase the clean energy technologies – land-based wind, offshore wind, solar, energy storage, and transmission infrastructure – that are powering homes and businesses, creating good-paying jobs, investing in communities, reducing costs for consumers, and helping to meet our national 100% carbon-free power goal by 2035.

ACPW takes place from August 15 – 19, 2022.

For an entire week, ACPW celebrates the many ways clean energy is building a better future for the United States. This year, ACPW is focused on the theme: Building the Clean Energy Economy, which will highlight the economic and environmental benefits clean energy technologies bring to communities across America.

The American Energy Transformation

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) marks a monumental shift in the county’s clean energy future. Harness the energy and celebrate the 525-550 gigawatts of clean power projects the IRA will spur!

Community Investment & Job Creation

Clean power drives investment into local economies and creates good paying jobs employing nearly 443,000 Americans.

Energy Transition for All

The energy transition creates a better future for everyone by offering economic growth and opportunities for investment and innovation.

Reliability & Security

Renewable energy is a reliable and increasing source of homegrown power for Americans across the country.

Building a Better Future

Transitioning to zero-carbon energy sources will drive the clean energy economy forward while benefitting our planet.



Daily ACPW Posts, Proclamations, & Events

From good paying jobs to providing extra sources of income, critical tax revenue, and emissions free power, clean energy helps communities grow. Numerous live and virtual events with public officials, industry leaders and the public at renewable energy projects across the country will celebrate clean energy’s 50-state footprint.

Monday: The American Energy Transformation

Day 1: The industry is going through a historical transformation.

With the Inflation Reduction Act awaiting imminent signature, the clean energy sector is poised for exponential growth. The IRA is estimated to add an additional 525-550 gigawatts of clean power projects built from 2022-2030, which will bring enough clean power online to power every American home by 2030.  This represents between $550-$600 billion in capital investments into the U.S. economy and it will mean lower consumer energy prices across the board for Americans with annual average savings around $1,000 per household.

ACPW Day 1 Highlights:

  • Senator Tom Carper (D) of Delaware was presented with a Clean Power Champion Award today at the University of Delaware campus.
  • Governor of Nevada Steve Sisolak issued statewide proclamation for ACPW.
  • CEO Heather Zichal wrote a blog on The American Energy Transformation.
  • States and cities across the country, including the State of Iowa & City of Kansas City, issued ACPW proclamations.

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Tuesday: Community Investment & Job Creation

On Tuesday, ACPW will celebrate the community investments and job opportunities generated by clean energy. Clean power drives investment into local economies and creates good paying jobs employing nearly 443,000 Americans. Wind, solar, and energy storage projects have delivered $412 billion in economic investment while delivering clean, affordable energy to communities across the country. Annual estimated tax payments to state and local governments total $1.3 billion from the industry and additional payments of $1.4 billion are provided to landowners and ranchers across the country.  

ACPW Promotion: From August 15 – 19, members can post a standard, 30-day job post for free on the ACP job board (a $350 value for members). View the ACPW supporters guide (sent via email) for the promo code and posting instructions.

Wednesday: Energy Transition for All

Wednesday will be dedicated to showcasing the inclusive efforts across the industry, such as Energy Transition for All. The energy transition represents an unparalleled opportunity to create a better future for everyone by offering economic growth and opportunities for investment and innovation, alongside greater access to clean and affordable energy. The clean power industry has a broad range of programs that are working to increase the participation of diverse and underrepresented populations in the industry. The industry is also proud to employ veterans in the wind and solar sectors at rates 50% and 33% respectively higher than the national average.

Thursday: Reliability & Security

On Thursday, ACPW will highlight the predictability, security, economic opportunity offered by renewable and domestic energy sources. Renewable energy is a reliable and increasing source of homegrown power for Americans across the country. Renewable energy sources are essential to the country’s electricity mix, consistently providing a significant portion of American electricity. Grids across America would not be able to meet today’s demand without renewables.

Friday: Building a Better Future

On the last day of ACPW,  we’ll turn towards the brighter, more sustainable future that clean energy is securing for our planet. Transitioning to zero-carbon energy sources – like land-based wind, offshore wind, and solar – will help drive the clean energy economy forward while also benefiting our planet by reducing the carbon pollution produced by conventional generation sources. 

American Clean Power Week Events and Happenings


Today, clean energy projects span all 50 states. Explore the events and activities taking place across America to celebrate American Clean Power Week 2022.

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Clean power projects generate renewable energy across all 50 U.S. states.

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