Offshore WINDPOWER Sustainability Program

Our Mission

At Offshore WINDPOWER we are driven to make a positive change in our environment and our world through powering a clean energy future. We are committed to sustainability, renewable energy, and reducing the impacts of climate change. Stewardship of the earth’s resources is considered in our event planning processes and practices wherever possible.


Event Sustainability Goals

ACP’s event planning team has committed to five long term goals that will ensure Offshore WINDPOWER is mitigating any harmful environmental impacts and supporting positive social change whenever and wherever we hold Offshore WINDPOWER today and into the future.

  1. Reducing our carbon emissions
  2. Reduce the waste created from the event
  3. Engage all stakeholders in our supply chain around the sustainability goals and initiatives created for Offshore WINDPOWER
  4. Create a positive social impact in the communities that host Offshore WINDPOWER
  5. Show leadership and innovation in sustainable event management


What our show is doing…

  • No HVAC during move in/move out
  • Lighting levels are set to 50% during move in/move out
  • Encourage shipping/freight through SmartWay freight partners


What our show is doing…

  • Two bin recycling and landfill system throughout the facility and expo hall
  • Food and Material donations will be taking place in coordination with local charities
  • GES offers in booth recycling and compost porter service for exhibitors
  • Eliminated foam core signage and prohibit Styrofoam from the show
  • Staff meals are served on reusable service ware
  • Identified water refill stations throughout the convention center to allow for easy water bottle refill
  • We are aiming to eliminate single-use plastics in the coming years!

Travel & Accommodations


  • Encourage attendees and exhibitors to purchase carbon offsets for their travel
  • Many event hotels are within walking distance of the Convention Center

Exhibitor Sustainability

Exhibitor Sustainability Program

An exhibitor must comply with the mandatory items identified in a variety of categories plus at least 4 optional items in across any of the categories. Random audit of practices will take place on site to ensure compliance.

If you have questions, you can contact

Offshore WINDPOWER 2024 exhibitor guidelines are required. 

Attendee Sustainability

Attendee Sustainability

  • Use a refillable water bottle and coffee cup throughout the conference. Water bottle refill stations are located throughout the convention center and there will be stations on the expo hall floor to refill.
  • Participate in your hotel’s Linen ReUse Program- Did you know that you can often earn Rewards points for participating? Ask your hotel about their specific awards incentives!
  • Take shorter showers to save water and time!
  • Turn off lights and thermostat when leaving your hotel room
  • If exhibiting, be sure to power down your booth at the end of each show day
  • Offset your travel to/from Offshore WINDPOWER

Commitment to the Community

Community Service Project

ACP partners with local community service projects to ensure our industry has a positive impact in the cities we visit. Check back for more information on this year’s community service project soon.


Our sponsors make ACP events possible. Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support!

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