Sustainability FAQs

Sustainability FAQs

ACP is committed to securing a clean sustainable future that creates opportunities for all. Responsible stewardship of the earth’s resources is considered in our event planning processes and practices. Learn more in the FAQs below, and check out our CLEANPOWER sustainability page.

What can be recycled at the Salt Palace Convention Center?

The Salt Place recycles paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, plastic containers (#1-7). They also accept donations of materials to provide to local non-profits.


Are compostable materials accepted at the Salt Palace Convention Center?

Yes, the Salt Palace collects compostable materials including food scraps (bones and proteins included), liquids, coffee grinds and paper towels. Serviceware is currently not accepted at the facility so please scrape your plate of food in the compost bin and throw the plate and utensils in the trash.

As an exhibitor, how do I participate in the donation program at the end of the show?

Acceptable materials include things like carpet squares, poster board, furniture, give-a-ways, pens, etc. Please don’t leave damaged or broken items. There will be “DONATION” stickers available at the exhibitor services desk for you to collect and place on anything you wish to donate from your booth.

Reach out to your GES Service center representative or your show floor manager if you need further details.

How do I become a Sustainable Exhibitor?

Check out the sustainability page for more details on the CLEANPOWER Exhibitor Green Team program and to fill out the survey to participate.

 Can I have compost and/or recycling service in my booth?

Yes! We standard bin service for ordered porter service for includes a landfill and recycling bin. If you would like to also include compost simply place an order for this service through the ESK!

Can I offset the impact of my travel to CLEANPOWER?

Yes, there are many ways you can contribute to offset your impact. You can offset your travels through the registration process- simply select offset option when you register.

What sustainable/alternative transportation options are at CLEANPOWER?
  • Salt Lake City is a very walkable city, all hotels are located within 3 blocks of the convention center or the free fare zone  of TRAX light rail station
  • The TRAX Green Line connects the airport to downtown Salt Lake City for only $2.50 each way. More details on the green line can be found hereincluding a detailed schedule.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out!