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What your colleagues are saying about CLEANPOWER

“The key benefit for my team is the focus on utility-scale renewable development and operations. We all know the momentum largescale clean energy has. Driven by strong consumer demand, competitive prices and important state and federal policies, utility-scale wind, solar, and storage are each on the path to significant expansion. This feels like the most logical next step for the industry. ACP is bringing together complimentary, clean energy technologies to create one streamlined event for thought leadership and business development, with the utility-scale power sector as the primary target.”

– Ray Henger, Chief Development Officer, sPower

JP Roehm Headshot

IEA examines the full spectrum of energy issues and in turn, participates in numerous events a year to ensure we hit all the right people. If CLEANPOWER, through collaboration with other organizations, presents one event with all the major developers, utilities, OEMs, suppliers and buyers under one roof, this will save a lot of time and resources. Time and resources that we can put back into the industry, advocating for policies that will enhance the reliability, affordability, and sustainability of energy.

– JP Roehm, Chief Executive Officer, IEA

Teresa Morgensen Headshot

Xcel Energy is committed to a carbon free future that requires wind, solar, storage and other technologies to work together. That’s precisely what CLEANPOWER 2020 will do. As conference chair, I’m honored to develop a program that will help our sector grow more efficiently by addressing issues in finance & investment, electrification, grid integration, market design & transmission, and the myriad federal, state, and regional policies that we must navigate.

– Teresa Mogensen, Senior Vice President of Energy Supply at Xcel Energy

Tristan Grimbert headshot

The rise of renewable technologies is transforming the US power industry. And as this industry has now matured, it is time to look at wind, solar and storage as a single industry. EDF Renewables applauds SEIA and ACP initiatives to bring the industry together. The CLEANPOWER Conference is a good example, where companies and stakeholders can now enjoy a holistic view of the impact of renewables on the US electricity industry.

Tristan Grimbert, President & Chief Executive Officer, EDF Renewables

Tim Maag Headshot

A successful transformation to clean energy will require collaboration, trust, and innovation to achieve fully integrated energy solutions. CLEANPOWER will provide an excellent forum to build partnerships across multiple renewable energy sectors to create opportunities for growth.

– Tim Maag, Vice President and General Manager, Wind, Mortenson