June 7 – 10, 2021   |   Virtual Summit

Accelerating the Energy Transition

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The virtual portion of this year’s CLEANPOWER brought live speakers and on-demand presentations that provide insights and business solutions to growing renewable energy in the United States, covering topics related to utility-scale wind, solar, storage, and transmission.  To those who registered for an all access pass, this content, plus matchmaking is available through the end of the year! Virtual-only participants can access the content through the end of June, or upgrade their pass and join us in December.

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Live stream session recordings are available in your attendee portal:

  • 100% Clean Power by 2035
  • Clean Energy Policy Hour
  • Unlocking Hybrid Project Opportunities & Bringing them to Scale
  • With Opportunities Come Challenges: How Trade Laws are Impacting Clean Energy Deployment
  • U.S. Offshore Wind Developer Interview Series
  • Tax Equity Market
  • Maximizing Transmission Lines through Grid Enhancing Technologies
  • Texas Winter Storm Aftermath – What’s Next?
  • A Transmission Renaissance in the West
Heather Zichal and Jennifer Granholm


Attendees can still match with exhibitors, products, sessions, tracks, and peers based on self-selected interests.

  • My Experience Page: The “My Experience” page is a personalized dashboard where attendees can view content and product recommendations, connect with peers, and access saved sessions and content.
  • Exhibitor Matchmaking: You can enter your interests to get recommendations on the most relevant products and booths. Exhibitors also have the ability to send meeting invitations to relevant matches.
  • Education Matchmaking: Educational tracks are available for attendees to choose for personalized recommendations.
  • Networking Preferences: Attendees can choose if they want to share their profiles and select opportunities they’re seeking to receive matches to peers, colleagues, and other persons of interest.
  • Peer-to-Peer Networking: Attendees can choose to participate in peer-to-peer video chats and text-based discussions where attendees can share knowledge, schedule meetings, and say hello.

Matchmaking is available for All-Access passholders from June-December 2021, and only through June for virtual-only participants.

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For just an additional $100, get access to CLEANPOWER Virtual content and join us at CLEANPOWER Salt Lake City on December 7-8. Virtual-only participants can still upgrade their pass in the Registration Resource Center.

Collegiate Wind Competition

The CLEANPOWER virtual event also featured the 2021 virtual U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition where multidisciplinary university teams presented the culmination of their work in wind energy over the past year. These students were challenged to design and test a model wind turbine, plan and financially analyze a wind plant, and create connections with the wind industry and their local communities.

Map of Collegiate Wind Competition teams