Avangrid Renewables’ Laura Nagy Receives Andrew Linehan Award for Environmental Excellence During ACP’s Siting Conference

Dr. Laura Nagy, Avangrid Renewables’ Senior Director of Permitting and Environmental, was named the 2022 recipient of Andrew Linehan Award for Environmental Excellence during ACP’s recent Siting and Environmental Compliance Conference in Round Rock, Texas.

Nagy was recognized by her renewable energy peers for her leadership, commitment to environmental responsibility, and dedication to improve the siting and environmental practices of the clean energy industry during an awards ceremony on March 30th.

Avangrid Renewables’ Laura Nagy accepts the 2022 the Andrew Linehan Award
for Environmental Excellence at ACP’s Siting Conference.


The Andrew Linehan Award for Environmental Excellence is presented in memory of Andrew “Andy” Linehan, a champion and leader in the siting and environmental community, who lost his battle with cancer in 2010. Through Andy’s leadership and overall enthusiasm for the industry and the environment, he represented the epitome of environmental and professional excellence. The award in his honor recognizes leaders in the siting and environmental community who exhibit similar qualities and who are constantly striving to improve the siting practices of the clean energy industry.

Upon receiving the award Nagy said that she was overwhelmed and grateful to be named the 2022 recipient in honor of Andy. “I appreciate the support from everyone in the industry and their support of the work everyone does to solve [siting and environmental] challenges,” she said.

As with many in the clean energy industry, a driving force for Nagy’s work is minimizing the negative impacts of global climate change on wildlife and our environment. “It’s exciting for me to be a part of the solution to global climate change,” Nagy said.  “Every single day matters at this point.”

Nagy knew Linehan well, sharing that he was a solution-oriented professional who aimed to bridge the gaps between agencies, industry, and NGOs to achieve environmental stewardship and advancement of the wind industry.

“Andy was a very kind person and was also very earnest in his interests,” Nagy said. “Our industry has many men and women who carry a legacy and and Andy is one of those people.”

For Nagy, Linehan’s legacy has come full circle: She now holds his position at Avangrid Renewables and is forging a path forward as a leader among her peers and within the industry on the path toward tackling global climate change and encouraging the responsible siting of renewable projects.

As the head of U.S. permitting and environmental risk management at Avangrid Renewables, Nagy’s work supports the development and construction of renewable projects across the country. Nagy leads the discovery, testing, and implementation of tools that minimize wildlife impact while creating efficiencies.  She has been with Avangrid Renewables since 2016 and brings nearly 20 years of experience in wildlife and environmental industries, having previously served in other industry roles and in wildlife biology and ecology specialist roles at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Nagy easily surpassed the evaluation criteria for this award, with several of her peers expressing how she continues to carry out Andrew Linehan’s integrity, professionalism, and high standard of environmental stewardship within Avangrid Renewables.

Nagy’s teammates and clean energy colleagues highlighted the quality of her character, with many recognizing their respect for her interactions with agencies, researchers, conservationists, company management, and other industry leaders. Others point out how Nagy is science- and data-driven in her strategic and passionate execution of her work while finding dedicated time for her continual self-improvement, modeling strong female leadership within Avangrid Renewables, encouraging and championing other women to grow and progress in their careers.

For Nagy, her philosophy in life is to pay it forward.  “We all have those people in our lives who were pivotal to us. People who held your hand in a situation where you needed help or taught you something you didn’t know before.” she said. “You can never give back to that person what they gave to you, but you can pay it forward to the next person.”


Laura Nagy [far right] with Andrew Linehan Award winners Stu Webster, Tim Hayes and Rene Braud.


Please join ACP in thanking Laura Nagy for her dedication to environmental responsibility, leadership, contributions and passion for the clean energy industry. ACP and the industry congratulate her as the 2022 Andrew Linehan Environmental Excellence award recipient.

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