ACP’s Next Chapter

I am in the early days in my new role leading the American Clean Power Association. I am looking forward to meeting with ACP members in the coming months to understand what our member priorities are and what can we do together. 

For the last two weeks I have met with board members, members of Congress, Administration officials, friends and colleagues who run other energy and business associations. I’ve met with labor leaders, environmental leaders, and spent a ton of time with the talented and hard-charging ACP staff. And as you know, these are tough issues and just about everybody has a different opinion. 

But more important, everyone I’ve met with wants to work with the American Clean Power Association to advance our energy transition. There’s never been a more dynamic or optimistic moment for the U.S. and global energy policy. The imperative to simultaneously grow and decarbonize our economy while strengthening national security is the defining challenge of the next 30 years.

In my career, I’ve tried to do two things: to develop real climate solutions and build the durable, bipartisan policy necessary to implement and sustain them. This is the moment where we have to join these two commitments to secure the promise of the remarkable legislation that passed last year and work together to make it happen.  

I founded the Bipartisan Policy Center about 15 years ago because I believed that our country was truly divided, but not ungovernable. We harness the power of collaboration, and we combine the best ideas from both parties, and we developed and advocated for principled and politically viable policy solutions. We can and must do the same to create durable, broad-based support for the clean energy transition. 

Every day, ACP members are innovating. They are investing, creating economic opportunity and good jobs. I am eager to work with ACP members to make sure that every community in the country benefits from this dramatic transformation.  

ACP was created to inform, to organize and to focus the interest and the insight of 750 companies working together to build a clean energy future. We have a lot of work to do, and I really look forward to meeting with our member companies and their staff so I can share our plan to grow the American Clean Power team and to strengthen the organization so we can get the job done.  

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