Emergency Protocol

Emergency Protocol Details for the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

To report any major emergency within the convention center, please call (210) 207-7773. If you dial 911 to report an emergency, please also call (210) 207-7773 so the security office can coordinate with emergency personnel to get them to the proper location as quickly as possible.  Please report as much information concerning the incident (location, specifics of the emergency, condition of the injured including approximate age and gender).

Medical Emergencies: 

Notify the security office at (210) 207-7773 immediately giving the name, location, and description of the emergency, stay with the individual until help arrives, do not attempt to move the person unless their position or location is life-threatening. There are AEDs located throughout the center for those trained in their use. For any non-life-threatening situations, stop by the First Aid Office, located in the Hall 1 Show Office, outside the main entrance to Hall 1.

Fire / Fire Alarms: 

If you see smoke, flames, or smell something burning, notify building security and provide concise, accurate information about the location and severity of the fire or potential fire. Locate the nearest alarm pull station and fire extinguisher which are located throughout the building. Building security will determine if an evacuation is needed.


If facility management decides the building needs to be evacuated for any reason, you will hear an announcement over the public address system which will be repeated every 30-60 seconds. If requested to evacuate, please move calmly to the nearest emergency exit and follow instructions given by convention center personnel.  Do not use elevators or escalators during an evacuation. Do not re-enter the building until the “all clear” signal has been given.