U.S. commits to 20 percent non-hydro renewables by 2030

The United States and Brazil announced in a joint statement today that both countries would increase the amount of electricity generated by renewable sources other than hydropower to 20 percent by 2030.

“The U.S. wind energy industry applauds the administration’s latest commitment today to increase renewable energy in America,” stated AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan. “We are glad to see U.S. progress in this area stimulating progress in other countries. The 20 percent by 2030 target is very achievable in our view, and consistent with recent government estimates. The agreement calls for tripling the amount of low-cost, reliable wind energy, but we can quadruple by 2030 with the right policies, so even more can be done. To rapidly move towards that goal Congress must pass long-term, stable tax policy as soon as possible.”

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