Photo evidence: Fish feeding frenzy at Block Island wind farm

A few weeks ago, we reported on recent findings that offshore wind turbines create new habitats for fish and other marine life by acting as artificial reefs. And these are big homes– a single wind turbine can support up to four metric tons of shellfish.

Now we have photo evidence of the phenomenon.

Last week, in partnership with the University of Delaware’s Special Initiative on Offshore Wind, our videographer Daniel Turner traveled to Rhode Island to see things for himself. It turns out that, besides being a great photographer and videographer, Daniel is also a certified master diver. A full video, complete with local fisherman interviews, is under production, but in the meantime, here are some early photos and videos of the fish and mollusks Daniel encountered under the sea. The structures seen here are the bases of the Block Island wind farm’s five turbines.



Black Sea Bass feed around the base of a wind turbine.
Mussels and other shellfish are finding new homes on the bases of offshore wind turbines.


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