Happy Global Wind Day! Here’s what America is up to.

Every year on June 15, people across the world celebrate Global Wind Day. In the last year, the U.S. has made many advances in wind energy worthy of celebration.

For one, a recent analysis showed that the U.S. is number one in wind energy production. While China has more installed capacity than the U.S., American turbines are nearly twice as productive due to our technological innovation, smart siting, investment in transmission, and high-quality turbines.

And we are not stopping there. The U.S. Department of Energy reported this spring that wind energy in the U.S. can double in the next five years, then double again to provide 20 percent of our electricity by 2030. This “Wind Vision” report said it’s possible for wind to provide over a third of U.S. electricity by 2050.

A companion report told how commercial wind turbines can expand from 39 states to all 50 states with advanced technology, as explained in this video:

“We can do this and save you money by doing it,” AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan responded to the Wind Vision report. He called its scenarios “aggressive,” but said “the industry stand ready to achieve these numbers. That starts with getting common-sense policies in place, so we can double U.S. wind energy in the next five years.”

The DOE report makes no policy recommendations. However, Kiernan identified two key measures needed: 1. A stable federal Production Tax Credit, and 2. States’ greater use of wind to comply with the U.S. EPA’s new Clean Power Plan for electric generators.

The U.S. can stay on track to the Wind Vision, Kiernan said, “if Congress provides wind energy with the long-term, stable policy it provides to other energy sources.”

You can fight for the policies we need to make the Wind Vision a reality by becoming a member of the Power of Wind network today.

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