From ruins to renewables

We’ve written about Greensburg, Kan. before, highlighting its trailblazing role as one of America’s first cities to commit to 100 percent renewable energy. Now, a new video chronicles the town’s rebirth as it’s begun harnessing the very winds that nearly destroyed it.

In 2007, a massive tornado touched down directly on Greensburg, laying waste to 95 percent of the town’s buildings. Half of the town’s residents never returned, but those who wanted to stay had a chance to reflect on how to move forward. Their conclusion: sustainability and energy independence should be front and center, in line with the community’s long history of living off the land and practicing good stewardship.

Greensburg determined hosting a wind farm would help it achieve those goals.

Now, because of the nearby wind project, Greensburg produces more electricity than it can use, and residents have seen their electric bills go down. Here’s a look at Greensburg’s full story.

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