About Energy Transition For All

America is in an unprecedented transition toward a clean energy future.

ACP and the clean power sector are committed to being a positive contributor to an equitable Energy Transition for All.

Why ET4All

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    Today, renewable energy represents roughly 14% of electricity generation in the U.S. By 2030, the clean energy industry will produce around 40% of electricity generation, creating 550,000 new jobs, attracting $600 billion in new private investment, and reimagining the way we generate and deliver electricity across the United States.

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    The American Clean Power Association (ACP) and its over 700 member companies across wind, solar, and energy storage technologies are committed to being a positive part of an equitable Energy Transition for All.

    But no single industry or sector of the economy can address these issues alone.

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    This transformation represents an unparalleled opportunity to create a better future for everyone; one that offers greater access to clean and affordable energy, as well as economic growth and opportunities for investment and innovation. However, we know that this level of change can have significant social consequences – especially for communities that have been home to carbon-intensive industries, or that historically have been left behind.

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    We need the proactive intervention and engagement of federal, state and local policy makers, companies, NGOs, and community leaders, among others, to ensure that the benefits of this historical transformation are broadly shared across the United States, especially in communities most vulnerable to this change.

The pillars of the ET4All Inititative

Expand Opportunity for Workers

Focusing especially on those workers from transitioning and historically disadvantaged communities.

Create Value for Communities

Providing targeted investments, local economic development, and creating diverse supply chains.

Lead in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Striving towards a workforce and leadership teams that are representative of the communities we operate in.

What's next?

ACP and its member companies will pursue programs across these three pillars as part of a multi-year initiative. As the industry and the external environment evolve, so too will our focus and areas of commitment.

We firmly believe that, with a unified and coordinated effort, we can contribute substantially to a vision for the future that we can all be proud of.