This one is for you, DC, MD, and PA readers: Switch to wind-powered electricity at your house or apartment!

Did you know that in 13 U.S. states — Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington, D.C. — residents have the opportunity to choose who supplies their electricity? That means that you can choose wind power, rather than the power that your utility company chooses for you.

For residents of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., AWEA is proud to announce a partnership with a nonprofit organization, Groundswell Energy, that makes it easy for you to switch to 100% wind-powered electricity at your house or apartment!

Here at AWEA, we’re experts on wind power.  Our nonprofit partner, Groundswell Energy, is an expert at using consumer buying power to lock in low renewable energy prices for residents, organizations, and businesses. Together, we want to give you the chance to affordably power your home with 100% wind energy.

So, you might ask:

How does that work?  Groundswell runs a competitive process and selects an energy supplier to purchase electricity and renewable energy credits, or RECs, on your behalf. These RECs are purchased from wind farms all over the country and are used to verify your use of wind power. There is no way to determine exactly where each specific electron that comes to your home is from. However, through these RECs that are Green-e certified, you can be sure that your money is going towards supporting American wind power.

What if the power price the Groundswell Energy negotiates isn’t low enough? No problem. You can indicate your interest now, but if you’re not satisfied with the price that Groundswell negotiates, you don’t have to make the switch.

Will the reliability of my electric supply change? Not at all. You’ll continue getting the same monthly bill from your utility and there is no equipment, home visit, or disruption to your current service. Your local utility company will continue to handle billing and service delivery, and be your contact in the case of blackouts or emergencies.

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Partnerships like ours are already proving to be an exciting success. Over the past two years, Groundswell and their partners have:

  • Organized four group purchases of 100% wind power for residents in DC, Maryland and Philadelphia
  • Helped over 2,700 residents switch to clean electricity, while saving individuals up to 15% on their utility bills

And folks like you have spoken to the great experiences they’ve had with Groundswell:


Sharon Villines says, “After seeing Groundswell’s program, I looked more closely at my bill from another wind power supplier that had been running 25 – 50% higher than normal.  I had assumed the utility rates had risen, but Groundswell’s negotiated offer was much lower and they explained why.”

Catherine Sen says, “I wanted to ‘walk the walk’ when it came to supporting wind power.  And, I wanted to tell others that they could too.  I’ve switched to wind power through Groundswell, and after spreading the word to my neighbors, over 150 folks in my community have done the same.”

Between now and October 23rd, all you need to do is indicate that you’re interested in signing up for wind power.  Then, Groundswell Energy will let you know what price they have secured, and you’ll have until Thanksgiving to decide if you want to enroll.


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