Submit a comment to the House Ways & Means Committee: Extend the PTC immediately!

This is your chance to urge the House Ways and Means Committee to extend the wind energy production tax credit (PTC). Learn more about the PTC here.

The Ways and Means Committee–the House's primary tax-writing committee–is holding a hearing on Thursday to discuss tax provisions, including the PTC.

We need you to submit written comments in support of the PTC for the hearing record.

Offer your support via email by close of business on May 10th by following these simple guidelines:

1) To submit a submission for the record, please email follow the directions below.

2) Please include the following information in the body of your email: Name, Organization (if applicable), Address, Phone Number, Contact E-mail Address, Title of Hearing: Hearing on Certain Expiring Tax Provisions

3) Please attach your submission as a Word document in order for it to be considered for the record. Include the information of the person(s) and/or organization(s) to whom the statement will be attributed. (More information on submitting a comment can be found on the Ways and Means website)

Here is an outline for a sample message:

-[I, Name, a Job Title in City, State,] respectfully urge Congress to extend the wind energy production tax credit (PTC) as quickly as possible.

-Share details on your perspective as to why Congress should not wait to extend the credit until just before or after it expires.

Example: The PTC drives billions of dollars in private investment in homegrown American wind power each year. I have seen the wind farm near my house revitalize my community – bringing in construction jobs at first, and maintenance jobs in the long term, and generating revenue for our community schools and hospitals over the lifetime of the project. Increasing the amount of power that our country gets from clean, homegrown, affordable resources is an excellent thing for us to do – and this tax credit provides an incentive for the wind industry to continue to do just that.

-I urge the committee to take up an extension of the wind energy production tax credit right away.

To email your Member of Congress, click here.

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