Sen. Ben Cardin explains why a one year extension is worthless

Senator Ben Cardin from Maryland said on C-SPAN Wednesday morning that a “one-year extension” for provisions such as the renewable energy Production Tax Credit that are being considered in Congress right now is essentially worthless. He explained it isn’t a “one-year extension, it’s a couple week extension” because the bill would only extend these provisions through the end of this month.

Sen. Cardin added, “there’s a better way, it’s called the EXPIRE Act.”


On Tuesday night, Tom Kiernan, the CEO of the American Wind Energy Association, called for an extension of the Production Tax Credit through at least 2015 as part of the EXPIRE Act.

“We call on all clean energy supporters in Congress and the White House to work to pass a two-year extension of these critical tax policies,” Kiernan said. “The three-week extension being considered by the House does not provide the certainty and stability needed to keep U.S. factories open and keep workers on the job. And if you think otherwise, try telling that to the American workers who will be laid off starting in January.”

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