Meet America’s fastest growing profession: wind technician

We know that U.S. wind energy has been growing at a fantastic rate, reaching 70 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity last month with much more on the way. With over 50,000 wind turbines in the country, there’s a lot of operations and maintenance to be done.

Meet our fastest growing profession: wind turbine technician.

Rolling Hills-12(1)
Technicians at work in Rolling Hills, IA.

The U.S Department of Labor recently announced growth in the field is expected to increase by 108 percent over the next ten years. That’s more than twice as much as occupational therapy assistants, the second fastest growing occupation.

Turbine technicians are just one field among many supported by wind energy, evidenced by the 73,000 Americans the U.S. industry helps employ. And just like wind turbine technicians, all of these occupations will see outstanding growth in the coming years, as the Department of Energy says wind power could support up to 380,000 jobs by 2030.

To learn more about wind turbine technicians and what life in the “elevated office” entails, check out this post from friend of the blog and traveling wind turbine technician Zane Wolf.

Traveling wind turbine technician Zane Wolf.
Traveling wind turbine technician Zane Wolf.

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