Fishermen's Energy is betting on Atlantic City

Getting the first wind turbines offshore the United States has been anything but easy. Now Atlantic City is upping the stakes, and betting it will be the first. At the winter meeting today of the Metropolitan Business and Citizens Association (MBCA) held at the Resorts convention facility, Fishermen's Energy Corp. announced plans to build a 20-MW wind farm nearly three miles offshore from the resort town.

The project would consist of six turbines, Fishermen's general counsel Paul Gallagher told the business audience.
The turbines would be visible from the Atlantic City boardwalk but, in contrast to the experience of the sponsors of the Cape Wind project offshore Cape Cod, the Fisherman's project is more likely to be a tourist draw than an eyesore.

Just down the way from the boardwalk, a small onshore municipal wind project already provides power to the Atlantic County Utilities Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant, and it has been welcomed by the community.

The Cape Wind project, which was proposed nine years ago, is still being challenged by some local groups. This week, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said he would make a decision in April on the project.

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