Cleantech hole in tax deal: potential job-killer

” … [I]t appears that an important piece was left out of the framework tax deal: two relatively small clean energy tax provisions that have created tens of thousands of jobs and will improve U.S. economic competitiveness while reducing pollution.”

That's Daniel J. Weiss at the Center for American Progress, writing about the omission of renewable energy (“Section 1603”) and manufacturing (“Section 48c”) tax credits from the pending agreement between the White House and Congressional Republicans. We couldn't agree more. Adds Weiss, “This compromise package ought to include the two expiring renewable energy tax programs that have a proven job-creation record if more jobs is a major goal.”

Check out Mr. Weiss's article for all of the facts and figures showing why it's a job-killer to leave these items–critical to America's future competitiveness–on the cutting room floor. Then go to NOW and contact your Representative and Senators. Thanks for your help!

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