ACP’s ‘Safer Together’ October Safety Campaign: We Are Better When We Work Together

October is now upon us, which means it’s time to celebrate American Clean Power’s inaugural Safety Awareness Month. Historically, the wind industry has conducted an annual Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) awareness campaign through the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), which has since merged with ACP earlier this year.  The topic of the wind industry’s past campaigns were selected based on the association’s annual data collection report, which identified injury trends throughout the industry. As ACP, we are continuing the focus on raising safety awareness in the workplace. 

ACP brings together wind, solar, transmission, and storage companies, along with manufacturers and construction companies, developers and owners/operators, utilities, financial firms, and corporate purchasers to advocate on behalf of the clean power industry. All of the different kinds of companies involved in building the utility-scale clean energy projects of the future are now united behind a powerful common voice in ACP. Realizing the need for an annual EHS campaign that was impactful for all its industries, and building upon our unified voice for all clean power industries, ACP has chosen the 2021 theme of “Safer Together.”

ACP and its diverse membership provide value to the industry, and the communities we serve, through innovative and collaborative projects utilizing all sectors of clean energy for a better tomorrow.  Through impactful campaigns such as the 2021 “Safer Together” Safety Campaign, ACP believes that by combining the strengths from all clean energy sectors, we can create a safer work environment for the clean energy workforce.  The “Safer Together” theme becomes a reality when we collectively apply the knowledge from all sectors of clean energy towards a common goal. 

Join us for our “Safer Together” kick-off webinar on October 6th at 2:00 PM EST. We will discuss the key elements of the 2021 safety campaign, ways to participate, and engagement opportunities. 

This safety campaign encompasses the ACP membership as we work together to eliminate and avoid injuries and environmental issues throughout all clean power industries. Then we can say that we are truly “Safer Together.” 

This is a guest blog post from Chris Daniels and Tom Sutton, Chair and Vice Chair of the ACP EHS Steering Group. 


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