What Happens When California’s 33 Percent Renewables Mandate Is Met?

Greentech Media | By Herman K. Trabish | Link to article

“If we are going to go beyond 33 percent, it matters how the resources fit together. We have to plan for that.”

A just-proposed California law would do away with the state’s 33 percent renewables mandate in favor of a coherently procured greentech future. And the plan is backed by renewables advocates.

Assembly Bill 177 (AB 177), authored by Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez (D-56th District), describes a new way for California to approach the procurement of renewables like solar, wind and geothermal, along with energy efficiency (EE) tools like demand response (DR).

“Procurement shall not be limited by any targets established for these resources by statute or regulatory decision,” the bill states. So much for the idea of a new renewable portfolio standard (RPS) establishing a higher goal for renewables when California reaches its 33 percent by 2020 target.

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