Scaling Up Offshore Wind Projects and Infrastructure Through the Loan Programs Office



The Loan Programs Office (LPO) provides borrowers access to capital, flexible financing, and expert project support to help reinvigorate, advance, and transform America’s energy infrastructure. One area of focus and expertise is in innovative wind technologies. LPO provides and in-house engineering group with specialized experience in the sector, along with a dedicated environmental compliance group that has developed relationships with regulatory authorities at the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the US Army Corps of Engineers. LPO can engage with projects early in development and remains involved for the entire lifetime of the loan.

Experts from LPO’s Loan Origination Division, Technical and Project Management Division, and Environmental Compliance Division will provide details about value of working with LPO by discussing access to debt capital, flexible financing, and committed project partnership.


Members: Complimentary

Non-members: $49