New investors and competitive positioning for upcoming auctions



This webinar is sponsored by Arup and is therefore free for all members and non-members!

This webinar will cover upcoming offshore wind market landscape, discussing:

  • US domestic developers to play a more prominent role in the OW sector (and lessons learned from EU and APAC)
  • Institutional investors entering the U.S. market
  • Increased expectations for local content at state level

Innovations for competitive bids (WTG, OSS, foundation & HVDC), will be discussed including:

  • How new WTG, foundation and OSS fabrication concepts will improve competitive positioning
  • HVDC role in OW and competitiveness.

The webinar will also explore some of the challenges and opportunities in the growing sector. This presentation will be of interest to offshore wind investors and developers looking to hear more about new market trends within the US market and technical innovations.

ACP would like to thank our generous sponsor for this program: