WINDPOWER 2014 officially begins

The past, present, and future of wind power was featured as WINDPOWER 2014 officially began moments ago with the conclusion of the WINDPOWER 2014 Welcome and Opening General Session. I enjoyed a front row seat while AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan declared WINDPOWER 2014 officially in progress in front of thousands of WINDPOWER attendees.

AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan opening WINDPOWER 2014

Wind power pioneer and NREL Research Fellow Robert Thresher gave an impressive look back at how far American wind power has come (also noting AWEA is celebrating its 40-year anniversary), AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan gave the industry an exciting report on where wind energy is today, while also giving a glimpse in where wind power is headed with the help of the national champions of Kid Wind.

WINDPOWER 2014 attendees look on as the Welcome and Opening Session kicks things off

Mandalay Bay Convention Center is buzzing as Opening Session speakers declared wind power is "leaner, meaner, bigger, and stronger" and American wind power is "transformation in motion" as wind power lowers costs and increases productivity. I'm sure I don't speak for myself when saying I'm exicted to see what comes next at WINDPOWER 2014!


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