WINDPOWER 2014: Come vote in AWEA's Inaugural Poster Contest!

If you’ve been by the AWEA booth during this year’s WINDPOWER 2014 conference, then perhaps you caught a glance of the huge field of posters just next door, filled with valuable, new information for the industry. This evening, we will conclude WINDPOWER’s first ever poster contest, designed to bring even more critical information to attendees of this year’s conference.

The posters, created by business giants and boutique operations alike, are showcasing creative, innovative ways to take the incredible amount of data produced every second by the wind industry and put it to myriad uses. From better ways to integrate wind onto the grid, to useful analysis on siting issues, the posters are packed with tons of great information, which you can also browse online.

Contest winner Melissa Aslund of Intrinsik Environmental Services' poster on electromagnetic fields

This year’s contest winners were divided into categories, representing the full spectrum of challenges and opportunities facing the wind industry today:

Project Development: Yi Guo, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) (presented by Walter Musial)
Poster # 132: Poster Aeroelastic Modeling of Offshore Turbine Support Structures in Hurricane Prone Regions   

Operations:  Melissa Whitfield Aslund, Intrinsik Environmental Sciences
Poster # 116: Measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF) around wind turbines in Canada: is there a human health concern?

Business and DemandAna Dyreson, Northern Arizona University
Poster # 215: Combining Wind & Solar Resources in Northern Arizona: Correlation and Variability Analysis

Technology and the Future: Kyle Wetzel, Wetzel Blade
Poster # 203: Replacement Blade Challenges

But don't forget the Attendee's Choice Award! Conference attendees can vote for their favorite poster, with the winners to be announced this evening at the Poster Reception, from 4:30-6:00 p.m. this evening! Stop by beforehand, find your favorite poster, and text in your vote using the information provided below each candidate.

Hope to see you at the reception this evening, where you can congratulate our winners! 


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