Wind Energy Foundation: Something to "like"

The new Wind Energy Foundation, which describes itself formally as “a 501c3 dedicated to raising public awareness of wind as a clean and reliable source of domestic energy through communication, research and education,” has opened a Facebook page, and we have it on good authority that a website will be launched today. Stop by, check out the Facebook page, and be sure to click “Like” if you like wind power and believe clean energy should be part of our future.

The Foundation is headed by Executive Director Darlene Snow, who was appointed several months ago. As she said then, “What's exciting about the Foundation's education-centered mission is that the facts best tell wind's story. By educating the public on those facts and supporting research that will enable an ever-increasing body of information to come to light, the Wind Energy Foundation will provide an invaluable service—not only to wind energy—but to America and every country seeking to diversify into clean energy.”

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