Victory in New Hampshire

On March 28, 2013, the New Hampshire Senate, by a 20-4 vote, opposed SB 99, which would have placed a moratorium on new wind energy projects.  This vote against a moratorium on new wind projects reaffirms support for renewable energy from New Hampshire state policymakers.

Nearly 1,000 jobs in New Hampshire have been created by the wind industry and its activities. Wind farms provide revenues for local towns, school districts and the state's general fund. Wind energy projects benefit many landowners in New Hampshire, including loggers and farmers, who can keep their land open for recreation like hunting and snowmobiling.

Wind energy has also helped lower the cost of energy for consumers in New Hampshire and across New England. In a January 2013 Independent System Operator-New England (ISO-NE) report, New England reported a 26% drop in average wholesale prices since 2003.

We encourage you to write to your state Senators today and thank those who voted to defeat this bill for their support.  Start by entering your zip code below.  We have created a template email for you, but encourage you to personalize it, as your unique words will have a more lasting impact on your Senator.

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